Samsung Gaming and Smart Monitors in 2024 provide AI Upscaling technology

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Samsung Gaming and Smart Monitors in 2024 provide AI Upscaling technology – Samsung has officially unveiled its 2024 lineup of gaming and productivity monitors, with a strong emphasis on AI-driven improvements. The 32-inch, 4K-native Odyssey OLED G8 is Samsung’s initial OLED-based gaming monitor to feature AI upscaling. Utilizing an NQ8 Gen 3 processor from the company’s latest 8K TVs, it can enhance low-resolution content to nearly 4K through the Samsung Gaming Hub and integrated Smart TV apps. This means you won’t have to wait for a remastered game to enjoy better visuals.

Samsung Gaming and Smart Monitors

Both the G8 and the 27-inch, 1440p Odyssey OLED G6 come with new safeguards against OLED burn-in, such as a pulsating heat pipe, a coolant system, and reduced brightness for static content like taskbars.

Although neither display is particularly bright at a standard 250 nits, they offer glare reduction without compromising color accuracy even in daylight. FreeSync Premium Pro support ensures the elimination of screen tearing with compatible GPUs. The G8 boasts a refresh rate of up to 240Hz, while the G6 reaches 360Hz due to its lower resolution.

The Odyssey OLED G8 is priced at $1,300, while the G6 is available for $900. While these monitors are on the expensive side, they are more affordable compared to existing Samsung OLED gaming monitors with curved ultra-wide screens.

The 2024 Smart Monitor M8 provides similar near-4K AI upscaling and AI audio monitoring to enhance voices. Users with Samsung Galaxy Buds can pair them with the M8 for spatial audio.

The M8, along with the lower-tier M5 and M7 models, feature a Workout Tracker that can showcase real-time health data on the screen when connected to a Galaxy Watch.

The updated Smart Monitor M8 is a 32-inch 4K model that includes a SlimFit webcam, priced at $700. The M7 also offers 4K resolution in 32-inch ($400) and 43-inch ($500) sizes, but lacks the M8’s webcam and unique design. The entry-level M5 is limited to 1080p in 27-inch ($280) and 32-inch ($300) variants.

Samsung also offers the ViewFinity monitors for workstation users. The premium ViewFinity S8 provides 4K resolution in 27- and 32-inch sizes, priced at $400 and $450 respectively.

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