Solana Falls 28.5 Percent from Peak and Ethereum Climbs 70 Percent on Year, Furrever Token Eyes Presale Return?

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Solana Struggles While Ethereum Soars: What’s Next for the “Ethereum Killer”?

Solana, once a hot contender to dethrone Ethereum with its blazing-fast blockchain, has hit a rough patch. Over the past year, its price has tumbled 28.5%, a stark contrast to Ethereum’s impressive 70% gain. This raises a crucial question: what lies ahead for Solana’s future?

Solana Falls 28.5

Solana’s Stumble: A Mix of Internal and External Factors

Solana’s recent volatility can be attributed to a combination of internal weaknesses and broader market forces. After reaching a peak of $203 in March 2024, the cryptocurrency has shed nearly $58, currently trading around $145.

This decline is fueled by concerns about Solana’s ecosystem and external market headwinds. Cryptocurrency expert Alan Santana pinpointed these worrying trends in Solana’s performance earlier this year.

Market Downturn and Internal Issues: A Double Whammy

Santana highlights the impact of the broader crypto market downturn, particularly the plunge in Bitcoin’s price. This has dampened investor sentiment towards riskier assets like Solana, leading to its price drop. He even went as far as suggesting a short position on Solana for the futures market, reflecting his bearish outlook.

The Future of Solana: Can it Recover?

The big question remains: can Solana bounce back? While the immediate future seems uncertain, there are reasons for cautious optimism. Continued development efforts and a potential market turnaround could pave the way for a recovery.

This rewrite condenses the original article, removes unnecessary phrases, and focuses on the key points: Solana’s price decline, contributing factors, and future prospects. It also avoids mentioning the specific presale of another cryptocurrency (FURR) to keep the focus on Solana.


Beyond the price drop, Solana faces internal challenges that threaten its position as an Ethereum alternative. Network congestion has hampered its key selling points: speed and scalability. Additionally, disagreements among leaders of major Solana projects cast doubt on its leadership and community unity.

Solana’s Future: Uncertain but Intriguing

Despite these issues, Solana’s future is a source of both anxiety and excitement, especially compared to Ethereum’s success. While some analysts predict a downturn, Franklin Templeton sees potential for Solana to become the third-largest cryptocurrency. The upcoming Breakpoint conference in Singapore might offer a temporary boost to investor confidence, but its long-term impact remains unclear.

Coin Market

Now is the opportune moment for recovery as Ethereum gradually progresses.

Despite its current trading price, which is nearly 35% lower than its peak, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization continues to exhibit significant potential for growth. Ethereum has experienced a 70% increase in value over the past year, showcasing its strong economic standing and increasing investor interest. Interest rates, a crucial factor influencing investment choices, have recently stabilized, with the Federal Reserve predicting no further hikes this year.

This stability, coupled with the possibility of lower interest rates due to decreasing inflation, is likely to boost investor interest in volatile assets like cryptocurrency, potentially boosting Ethereum’s market value. Noteworthy advancements in the Ethereum network, particularly following the London upgrade in August 2021, have significantly reduced the supply of Ethereum. This latest version not only simplifies transaction fee calculations but also introduces a system that permanently eliminates a portion of transaction fees, known as the base charge, from circulation. This “burning” of Ether maintains its scarcity, setting the stage for Ethereum’s market value, although there is no specific limit to the maximum number of ETH that can be in circulation.

Moreover, the transition to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism in September 2022 underscores Ethereum’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency, reducing energy consumption by approximately 99.95%. While the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has expressed concerns about authorizing ether-based ETFs in the near future, categorizing them as securities rather than commodities, the landscape is evolving.

The recent approval of a Bitcoin ETF and an Ether ETF in Hong Kong, as well as ongoing legal efforts by ETF issuers in the United States, could hasten SEC approval, enhancing the accessibility and appeal of Ethereum investments. Additionally, Ethereum’s value transcends mere monetary worth. The platform enables…

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